Digital Signage

Publishingsystem for screens of all types and sizes.


Create apps for IOS (iPhone), IpadOS, Android and Windows. Distribute content and files securely and without hassle.


Hardware such as mediaplayers and computers to display content, lighting, sensors and relay systems.

Our Nodeark Ecosystem™ is smart and loaded with functionality.

When using the Nodeark Ecosystem™ you don’t have to bother with complicated templates and programming. Use the ready-to-use apps to publish a wide variety of content and also publish any content directly from within Microsoft Powerpoint®.

Our customers and highly appreciative that they don’t have to use any programming.


Agile and easy to use menus to control all screens, apps and associated hardware.


With a few simple steps you can create playlists with content and drag-and-drop them on the media players you wish to publish them.


Live-view makes it possible to constantly monitor what the screens are displaying. Even if they are on the other side of the world.


Here you’ll find the files that are uploaded into the system. Movies, images, apps, html, pdf, pptx etc.


Through our live chat you can easily get in touch with our support staff.

Getting rid of the extra work to create templates and making complicated settings. 

With the Nodeark Ecosystem™ you don’t have to program you own layout templates. No more using X and Y coordinates. We have already done that for you – you can just stick to choosing amongst all the ready-to-use media, apps and templates. In our system drag-and-drop rules.

Place the screens anywhere in the world.

Our intelligent and powerful Nodeark media players can be sent out into the world, connect to any network and then be controlled via the Nodeark Ecosystem™. Without any complicated network settings or the need to know static IP’s or use VPN.

Do you want to see a more complete list of functionality?
Here you go.

  • Send the media players anywhere in the world. No VPN needed.
  • Our system is based on Linux. No VPN or antivirus needed.
  • Publish directly from within Microsoft Powerpoint®
  • Invite sponsors and advertizers via Promo slots
  • Go mobile via Nodeark Tablet Station™
  • You can (if you want) control the Ecosystem entirely via mobile devices.
  • The media players are created to be transported and can be shipped anywhere in the world.
  • Control lighting via the playlist
  • True view wall support in any resolution
  • Supports 4K resolution
  • Cloudbased solution
  • Multi-file rendering
  • Fileconversion
  • Control when media is to be played based on time, weather, system events and extral input
  • View PDF on the screens without conversion
  • Email directly to the screens to publish information
  • Controls activation of content based on geographical location.
  • One-click reinstallation of media player
  • Control screens via remote controls
  • Publish text messages via sms directly to the screens

Remote control for real

Our system allows you as a user to manage your computer (both PC & Mac) or via your mobile phone and tablet. You can also access all the functions that you access via your computer via your phone. That is, it is very easy to control your media players even though you are traveling, at a fair or even on vacation.

What our customers say

“With Nodeark’s system, our sponsors reach directly on our screens with their advertising. Although the players are located in Norway, they can exchange their material in a few seconds. It has proven to be incredibly valuable compared to the system we had before “.

Restaurant chain

“By using existing material in Powerpoint, we quickly release information on the screens. Either directly from Powerpoint through the Node Sheet plugin delivered or by uploading and easily dragging to the playlist “.

Industrial Company

Support weekdays 8-17 are included. You reach us via live chat, phone and mail.

We offer the best support and service you can imagine. Use our support forum if you have any questions and our team will respond, thats for sure! We got thousands of solved threads and a customer satisfaction of 97%. We make sure your site runs great!

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