Nodeark Ecosystem™
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Nodeark develops products and systems for marketing and communication.

The Nodeark Ecosystem is a global, modular platform that offers solutions in digital signage, document management, mobile application development, digital asset management and information management. After acquiring the basic system, customers can easily expand with the modules needed. We have a wide customer base ranging from public sectors to private organizations. The system supports all European languages and is designed to work worldwide.

Why we call it communication and not signage.

Signage is unidirectional. Communication is bidirectional.

A communication tool must be easy to use and quickly available when you need it. Communication can mean saying more than one thing at a time. That's why Nodeark only invests in high-performance clients and hardware. That's how we manage your creativity.

Communicate to screens by emailing, texting and using apps.
Easily publish content through ready-made apps, link to services and use your mobile phone.
Avoid template programming and complicated settings.
With the Nodeark Ecosystem™, you don't have to programme your own layout, use xyz coordinates or take a template-writing course. We've already done all the work for you - just choose from all the existing materials, apps and templates. With us, it's drag-and-drop.
As a user of Nodeark's systems and services, you always have access to Swedish support. At no extra cost.
Use our popular support chat, email or call. Either way, we'll make sure to help you in any way we can.
Place the screens anywhere in the world
Our intelligent Nodeark media players can be sent out into the world, connected to networks and then directly controlled via the Ecosystem. Without having to make a lot of complicated settings and without knowing the IP number of where it is connected. Simply brilliant.
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When users sit down to communicate by using their computers, tablets, or mobile phones, they seek the ideal blend of features, capacity, and usability.

You can manage our system via your computer (both PC & Mac) or via your mobile phone and tablet. All the functions you can access via your computer can also be accessed via your mobile phone. This means that it is very easy to control your players and screens while you are travelling, at a trade fair or even on holiday. Without a lot of hassle and time-consuming steps.

Effektiv administration.

All the features you need available in a smooth drag-and-drop interface.

Upload your material. Write your texts. Link to your Office documents. Connect apps and other external services.

Create communication and interaction.

A truly global system that functions seamlessly, regardless of where clients, screens, or users are located in the world.

The Nodeark Ecosystem supports over 10 languages and enables simultaneous publishing and communication in many more.

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We've already done all the work for you - just choose from all the existing materials, apps and templates. With us, it's drag-and-drop.


Since our system has ready-made templates and apps, direct links to the Office package and can also handle all file formats, qualities and sizes, you will be able to publish your content faster than ever before!
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Send players anywhere in the world, no VPN or fixed IP needed
All our hardware is delivered in practical cases together with all accessories. Avoid complicated settings. Works just as well on a trade fair floor as in a local office.
Everything is encrypted and secure
In short, we use Linux, and state-of-the-art encryption and certificate management.
Publish directly from Microsoft Office®
Link your Office documents directly to screens and apps.
Control via your mobile or tablet
Whether your users are at their desks or on the move, the Nodeark Ecosystem™ is just as easy to use for publishing.
Supports screens of all sizes
The smallest screens powered by Nodeark are a couple of inches. The largest is 244 metres long. Regardless, it's the same functionality.
Cloud-based or on-premise
Nodeark provides cloud stored options both within Sweden and the EU, along with on-premise installation for those who prefer it.