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Nodeark Ecosystem™

As a user, you can manage our system via your computer (both PC & Mac) or via your mobile phone and tablet.

Controls when content should be published based on time, weather, system events, movement, external systems, remote controls, web links, etc.

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Content management and distribution.

Content management.

We have a lot of very engaging and useful functionalitym but basically, perhaps the most important function in a system is a very secure and efficient file distribution. This is something we have invested a lot of developer time into and is something that ensures that your communication is published in the right place at the right time without risk and without question marks.

Collaboration and interactivity.
Nodeark and our partners have the experience and knowledge needed to support you in your rollout of Nodeark's communication tools.
All parts of Nodeark's systems and infrastructure use the latest in data security. Of course we use encryption and certification management.
Support and project management.
All our support and service is handled by staff in Sweden. You can reach us via live chat, phone and email 8-17 on weekdays if nothing else is agreed that extends this.

Ease of use.

The art of having a lot of features packaged in an interface that is clear and easy to use.

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Drag and drop & live-view.

In the Ecosystem, you always see live what is happening on the client screen. Even if it's a tablet you publish material to. What you want to publish, you simply drag out to the playlist.

Live view
Drag and drop
Ready-to-use apps with content

Finished app for that publish content.

You can also create new custom apps based on existing ones.

Use ready-made apps
Our library of ready-made apps is constantly increasing.
Create your own apps
Start from the default app, add settings and publish as a new app.
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IT administration

There are a number of reasons why Nodeark recommends extra screen clients, ie external media players.

High performance
If the rare occasion that a client malfunctions, you do not need to replace the screen. Saves time and money.
One click deployment. No client configuration required.
One-click replacement. All data is also stored in the cloud, when exchanging, just enter the serial number of the client that is defective and of the one who replaces.

Server facilities for he activities.

Sheet music Ecosystem ™ is available in several versions. Both as a cloud solution and as an on-premise installation. Feel free to contact us for more information.



Regardless of whether you use the cloud or on-prem, the solution is secured with encryption and certificates.
Made in Sweden
Developed in Sweden and meets all requirements regarding accessibility, legal and process requirements.
Potential and opportunities
High performance, richness of functionality and stability are the key words.
Reviews of Nodeark Ecosystem

What our customers think about us and spring system.

We have very satisfied customers in all types of businesses. State, region, municipality and commercial customers. Contact us to access our references.