Half-day training

Training provided by Nodeark staff. No limit on the number of participants. Contact Nodeark for the latest information regarding our training opportunities.

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Basic education (2 hours)

Fundamental use

How to use the Ecosystem to publish to screen

• Definition of digital signage
• Instructions and support
• The basics of the Ecosystem
• Nodeark clients and screens
• Upload and publish files
• Layouts (templates)
• Powerpoint live-link

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Continuing education (1 hour)

Advanced use

Create and edit templates. Use and create apps. Connect to external data sources.

• File formats (codecs, fps, sizes and compression)
• Layouts and template creation
• Use apps and create new ones
• Use Powerpoint live links, emails and text messages to
communicate and interact
• Channels
• Sequences, scenarios and director
• Remote controls

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Administrator (1 hour)

For administrators

Information for those who will roll out and implement a Nodeark Ecosystem. Knowledge of how to manage users, channels, hardware and data sources.

• Installation
• License management
• User management
• Troubleshooting
• Structures
• Template creation
• Virtual devices (vs channels)
• RMA/DOA/Support

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Contact your reseller to book training.